Every single employee under the GLA Holding umbrella is dedicated to what they do and how they do it. We proud ourselves on doing the right thing at the right time to maximise shareholder value. We are dedicated to all our customers, products, employees and businesses. We are dedicated in building a company that will sustain itself over the next generations.

Hard Work

At Alea Capital we do not cut any corners. Through our dedication and our hard work, we aim to forge a company for our future generations to come. By embedding a culture of hard work, diligence and commitment, this enables us to combine long-term thinking with a mindset of taking quick action to solve important and urgent problems. We are not afraid of change, we embrace it. We understand what it takes to building something from the ground up and now we want to ensure it sustains itself for the years to come.


In a fast-changing world, we aim to be on the front of new technologies which enhance all our businesses. We invest in our employees and we invest in our business as we realise that the world is changing. However, we also ask our employees for help to make sure we don’t miss the next big thing. We want to embrace the world through innovation and automation. We see that automation is vital for sustainable growth, but we believe that machines should not replace humans but assist them in completing their tasks in a fast and more accurate manner.


Here at GLA Holding we are firm believers that companies should go out of their way to help others in need. We are always looking to create new partnerships with charities, non-for-profit organisations, orphanages, and medical institutions. We know that it is not enough to just to focus on growth and our own business but also we need to focus on external stakeholders that are in need of our help. If you would like more information about any of our charity programme or who we are working with currently, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Making sure there is harmony though out our businesses is what we believe successful culture should be about. We want our teams to work together and share information throughout the organisation where legally possible. We promote and reward teamwork and we also want our employees to do the right thing and speak up when they believe something is wrong. This type of culture opens the floor for constructive feedback within the organisation and promotes efficiencies within the organisation.