GLA Holding was established in 2003 in Vienna, Austria. Its primary goal was to focus on renewable energy and to see how it create something for future generations to come. Climate action failure has been one of the biggest problems which world leaders have discussed over the last decade and as seen the problem is only getting worse. Our founder realised that he could try and make a difference thus deciding to climb abord the environmental revolution. With that said, we have invested highly in: a number of solar plants to harness the power of the sun; a biogas plat to assist local factories with managing food waste; and hydro energy plants to harness the power of mother nature.

In addition to our renewable energy portfolio, our founder realised that real estate prices in Romania were low and had massive growth potential, which lead us to acquiring five key properties in the heart of Bucharest. It took us no time to refurbish them and enter lease agreements with private tenants and the Romanian government. Furthermore, GLA Holding decided to acquire an office building in a prestigious neighbourhood in Belgrade, Serbia, where its operations are based. However, even with its prestigious portfolio being international, GLA Holding calls Vienna its home to this day.