Serbia: 3.6 MW Biogas plant in Alibunar

Status: Project completed

Our power plant is the largest biogas power plant in Serbia with an installed capacity of 3.6 megawatts. It was launched in 2010 and connected to the grid in 2016. The plant signed a very lucrative price adjusted for inflation subsidized guaranteed feed-in tariff until 2028. The plant is located in Serbia’s agricultural heart land, Vojvodina, with a number of large agro-industrial complexes (farms, dairy producers, sugar mills, cooking oil refineries, etc.) in close proximity. The strategic location of plant located it a mere 70 kilometres from the capital of Serbia. Furthermore, the Biogas Energy has a long-term rental of 300 hectares of government owned land which it uses to feed its digestors. Biogas Energy has a joint ownership of an additional 1,200 hectares of land with Agrostepa.