Serbia: 3.6 MW Biogas plant in Alibunar

Status: Project completed, connection to electrical grid is proceeding

Project value: € 13 million (€ 7, 5 million GLA Holding’s capital)

Start of production: 2016

Biogas plant in Alibunar, is a pioneer project of its kind in Serbia, and one of the largest in the region. Project is completed, and start of operations is planned for March 2016., with an expected annual production of 28.944 MWh.

The project includes not only biogas plant , but also completely closed production cycle where all aspects of the production are covered -agricultural production , electricity generation , use of heat and organic fertilizers.

Construction of modern greenhouses on 3 - 5 hectares of land, is planned for the second phase of the project. Greenhouses are intended for vegetable production, and they will use the heat created in the process of electricity generation.