Water is one of the most abundant resources in our environment. Due to this hydro power plants will play a vital role in global electricity production in the future, as it is a clean and renewable energy resource.

GLA Holding has recognized the hydro potential in the countries of the central Balkan peninsula, and has decided to utilize this possibility and immerse into another renewable energy source.

HydroEnergy d.o.o.

Bosnia and Hercegovina: 9.6 MW Three small hydro power plants on river Sutjeska

Status: Project in development

Project value: € 13.8 million

Start of production: 2016

The project consists of three separate small hydro power plants on river Sutjeska and its tributary Jabušnica. The project is located near the town of Gacko in South-Eastern Bosnia close to the border with Montenegro and Serbia. The plants are SJ-3 (2.12 MW), SJ-2 (2.57 MW) and S-3 (4.03 MW), with total planned annual output of 33.000 MWh (average 3837 kWh/kWp).
The work, on a first of the three hydro power plants SJ-3, is in the final construction phase. Start of production is planned by the end of 2016. Construction on the remaining two hydro plants is expected in 2017.

HydroWat d.o.o.

Bosnia and Hercegovina: 4.8 MW Small hydro power plant on river Janj

Status: Planed project

Project value: € 5.5 million

Start of construction: -

This small hydro plant is planned for the prime and most sought out location in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Expected annual production is around 23.0000 MWh (53 kWh/kWp). Project documentation is completed, and the concession was given for the period of 25 years.

HidroWat d.o.o.

Bul. Save Kovacevica 62
81000 Podgorica Montenegro
T: +382 69 135500
Email: office@hydrowat.me
Web: www.hydrowat.me